Managing payroll is a tricky task for any company. Larger businesses may struggle to process such a high volume of data accurately and on time. Small businesses often find it difficult to stay on top of ever-changing Canadian regulations and out of country employers in Canada may find it difficult to understand our laws.

The challenges faced are different, but the risks that come with those challenges are the same. And the solution? Well, that’s easy: AES Payroll Outsourcing.

Stay compliant and on top of government payroll changes by trusting people that do just payroll everyday.

AES is a one-stop-shop for all thing’s payroll. For businesses in search of full outsourcing AES Payroll offers a comprehensive managed service. For those with an in-house accounting team, there is the option to choose a part-managed package.

AES is an excellent choice for businesses which prefer their payroll served with a personal touch. Our team is happy to advise on Canadian employment law and HR services which many of our US clients take full advantage of!

Our customers are our priority, and although you wouldn’t expect us to say anything different, AES is a company which follows through on its pledges. AES guarantees to pay your staff the right amount, on time — or your money back. (good idea for fees only, if we don’t get it right you don’t pay) Now you might think that’s impressive, but we don’t stop there. If one of your employees suffers a loss in earnings because of an error made by AES, they will personally reimburse their cost and, get this, send an apology email taking full responsibility for the mistake! We want to earn your trust the first time!

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