Our payroll Professionals become your payroll department

At AES our Managed Payroll Service is a cost effective solution to manage a flexible workforce through the use of a dedicated Payroll Account Manager, including full benefits, T4’s all government costs and mark ups.

The system was designed with flexible staff in mind, so changing shifts and irregular employees do not cause excessive administrative work. Reports are produced in Microsoft Excel, so they can be sorted, totaled and shared in a variety of ways. The swipe clock is extremely reliable, and requires only a power source and a phone line, so it can be installed anywhere in a building. Superior customer service and strategic partnerships all the while making your life easier, that’s what it’s all about!

Looking for Great Employees?

Whether you’re looking to maintain steady personnel with the flexibility to adjust staffing levels according to day-to-day requirements or simply deal with the challenges of high turnover or scarcity of qualified workers, our dedicated customer care and recruitment specialists can help you find the right candidates for your company.

Partner with AES and discover how our recruiters make a difference.