Recruiting Direct Hires to Fit Company Culture and Goals

Need to fill a permanent position quickly? When a temp worker isn’t the answer, consider our direct hire service. 

Higher-level roles, like management and C-level positions, require a long-term commitment. In these cases, temp workers aren’t necessarily the ideal fit.

That’s why AES offers a Direct Hire solution.

When you need to fill a niche position that requires technical skills, the recruitment process is rigorous. 

Have you been searching for candidates with no luck? Maybe the candidates you come across aren’t qualified or lack the traits you desire. 

It’s not uncommon to struggle to find exceptional candidates — especially in a tight job market. 

When you choose AES Direct Hire recruiting services, you’ll gain instant access to a large candidate pool that’s pre-vetted by industry experts. 

Everything to Gain

When you work with AES, you’re working with a business partner who cares as much about your success as you do. We take the time to learn about your company, its goals and its pain points to ensure you connect with the right direct hire at the right time for the right position. 

Ready to find your next direct hire? Talk to us today!